Please read carefully before using any information and services on the site YP.MD (further -Site).

The Site is the property of VARO-INFORM S.R.L and is protected by the legislation of the Republic of Moldova, in particular the "Law on Copyright and Related Rights", as well as other laws and norms of international law. Any copying of the Site, performed not for the purposes of personal use, is a contravention of the law.

"User agreement YP.MD" (further – "Agreement") determines the conditions for using the Site both in its existing and in the subsequent (updated) form.


Site administration – authorized representatives of Varo-Inform SRL, endowed with full management rights to all the information and service complex of the Site.

Information - a set of company data obtained by filling of application form by an authorized representative of the company. Includes: the name of the company, the actual address of the company, telephone numbers, website, e-mail, keywords of the company.

Advertising information - a set of promotional products or a single advertising product (in accordance with the positions of the price list).

User - a legal or individual person who uses the information on the Site, without registration.

Registered user – a legal person who uses the information and services of the Site, and registered in the established order of the Site by Administration for the purpose of changing information about this legal entity.

Further, in the Agreement, is used the term User in the presence of general rules or requirements for the User and the Registered User.

General terms of use

  1. When registering on the site, the User agrees with this Agreement and accepts the rules specified in them.
  2. Quoting information posted on the Site is allowed only with reference to the source.
  3. This Agreement (including any of its parts) may be changed by the Site Administration without any special notification. The new version of the Agreement comes into force from the moment of its posting on the Site or bringing it to the User's notice in another convenient form, unless otherwise provided for in the new version of the Agreement.
  4. The administration of the Site, as well as the copyright holder of the Site, shall not be liable for the reliability of the information provided by the company, as well as for any damage or loss of User’s or any third parties profit, even if it results from the use or inability to use the Site.
  5. Information obtained as a result of the use of the Site can not be transferred to other persons and used to develop an Internet resource or computer program similar to the Site, reprint or perform other actions that contradict copyright.

Terms of posting information on the Site

  1. For publication on the Site receives information in Romanian, Russian and English.
  2. The Site publishes information provided only by legal entities.
  3. The information about the enterprises is posted or changed on the Site by the Site Administration on the basis of the data provided by the enterprise in the application form, as well as by Registered users in the framework of the rights granted to them. In this case, is obligatory procedure for moderation by the Administration of the Site.
  4. Information about enterprises that are not residents of the Republic of Moldova is not published.
  5. Advertising information of enterprises is placed in accordance with the established price lists and in accordance with the requirements of the Law on Advertising of the Republic of Moldova.

Rights of the Site Administration

The site administration reserves the right to:

1. To edit the information of enterprises in accordance with the site's heading.

2. To change the requirements for the content and terms of publication of contact data and promotional products.

3. To reject requests of legal entities, including Registered Users, to add or edit information if they do not comply with the Rules for posting information on the Site.

Access to personal Information of Registered Users

  1. All information posted on the Site, with the exception of the login and password for accessing in User's profile and the information contained in this profile, is publicly available.
  2. Access to the change of information contained in the User's profile is made only on the basis of a unique login and password.
  3. Login and password are necessary and sufficient information for using the services of the Site. Registered user takes full responsibility for the safety of login and password, independently choosing the way of their storage.
  4. The Site administration has the right to store information about all connections of Registered users, including IP-addresses, cookies, addresses of requested pages and other information, if such information was received during the visit by the User of the Site.


VARO-INFORM S.R.L disclaims all types of warranties, both express and implied, including warranties of the Site's compliance with the User's specific requirements.

All other issues not regulated by these conditions and rules are resolved in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Moldova, as well as the provisions of the regulatory documents of the Administration of the site.

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